Mobile Fingerprinting Near Me

RTP Mobile Fingerprinting offers fingerprinting services both in-office and mobile for your convenience.

What Is Mobile Fingerprinting?

Our professional fingerprinting technicians come to your home or office!

Mobile fingerprinting is the process of obtaining fingerprints and signatures of individuals outside the confines of a traditional, brick-and-mortar fingerprinting office. Mobile fingerprinting is now widely used to collect fingerprints for law enforcement agencies, financial institutions, immigration services, notary publics, medical professionals, and job seekers in need of a background check to ensure the identity of applicants and employees.

Which Of Our Fingerprinting Services Are Mobile?

Ink Fingerprinting

We offer ink fingerprinting services on fingerprint cards by printing them from a live scan capture for your convenience.

FBI Fingerprinting

Need an FBI background check? Our live scan devices submit your prints digitally with results in 24 hours emailed right to you!

FINRA Fingerprinting

Need your annual FINRA background check done? We offer it both digitally and by use of FINRA ink cards.

FDLE Fingerprinting

Need a Florida level 1 or 2 background check? We submit digitally right to the FDLE for all purposes.

What Fingerprinting Services We Offer

Fingerprinting and background checks for the Raleigh area. Our company performs fingerprinting for both electronic and ink purposes both in-office or mobile for your convenience.

Whether you need fingerprint card printouts, electronic submissions, or special services regarding fingerprinting, we got you covered.

Ink Fingerprinting

Fingerprinting for the FBI, FINRA, FDLE, or any out of state agency asking for an ink submission.

Live Scan Fingerprinting

Fingerprinting done on a glass scanner that electronically captures your prints.

Background Checks

Background checks for the FBI, Florida, FINRA, and many more agencies.

FDLE Fingerprinting

Fingerprinting for background checks that need to go to the Florida Department Law Enforcement.

FINRA Fingerprinting

Fingerprinting for Brokers to submit to FINRA for their employment or hiring process.

Mobile Appointments

Have a fingerprinting technician come right to your door and fingerprint you on the spot!

Why Use Us?

Live Scan Electronic Fingerprinting

Our technicians focus on providing our background checks and fingerprinting services through the use of our electronic live scan devices. We can fingerprint you and use the electronic printing process to either submit them through internet transaction or print them on a card for you to take at the end of your appointment.

  • Mobile Fingerprinting Experts

    Have one of our technicians visit you at your location!

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