FINRA Fingerprinting Near Me

RTP Mobile Fingerprinting offers FINRA fingerprinting services both in-office and mobile for your convenience.

FINRA Fingerprinting and Background Checks


RTP Mobile Fingerprinting offers ink fingerprinting on FINRA fingerprint cards. We also offer electronic fingerprint submissions directly to FINRA! We have partnered with PrintScan as an approved fingerprint channeler to handle all of your Electronic Fingerprint Submissions (EFS) to FINRA. 

We provide electronic fingerprint submission directly to FINRA. This allows for much quicker results than the traditional mailing method. The results are generally back in 3 to 5 business days after your FINRA Fingerprint Background Check. You will have to provide us with your company's CRD number, name, and address with FINRA.

As a certified vendor, RTP Mobile Fingerprinting maintains a secure connection where fingerprints can be submitted electronically with results being delivered back to the broker through FINRA CRD. By using Electronic Fingerprint submissions, we take advantage of faster processing times, higher quality fingerprints, reduced rejection rates, and lower FINRA fingerprint processing fees assessed to firms.

What Do I Need For FINRA Fingerprint Services?

  1. Firm CRD Number
  2. Firm Name
  3. Firm's Full Address

Please Note: Some firms ask individuals to be printed on cards for a reason. They keep the cards until they are ready to send them to FINRA on your behalf. Please make sure to check with your firm if transmitting electronically is acceptable.

fingerprints getting captured via live scan

How Much Does FINRA Fingerprinting Cost?

FINRA Electronic Fingerprint Submission (EFS)


Results post to your firm's

Web CRD within 72 hours.

includes two cards

FINRA Ink Card Submission


$20 each additional card

FINRA (EFS)- Mobile


Results post to your firm's

Web CRD within 72 hours.

incldues two cards

FINRA Ink Card Submission- Mobile


$25 each additional card

The Appointment Process

24/7 Booking Request Scheduling Through Website Form

Choose Your Service

Make sure to fill out our booking form and choose the service(s) that you need.

Choose A Time & Location

Our Fingerprinting Technician will contact you to schedule the date, time, and location.

We Come To You

An RTP Mobile Fingerprinting Technician will come to you and complete your fingerprinting.

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