Fingerprinting Services Near Me

RTP Mobile Fingerprinting provides the following services listed below.

Who We Serve

RTP Mobile Fingerprinting offers fingerprinting services for both corporate and personal needs.

Our corporate clients are typically employers who need to conduct FBI background checks on prospective employees, as well as schools and colleges, police departments, healthcare providers, and others.

We also provide mobile fingerprinting services to individuals. For example, many people need to be fingerprinted in order to obtain a concealed carry permit or a license to sell insurance. We also assist people who need to undergo a criminal background check in order to adopt a child or care for someone else's children.

What We Do

Our company performs both live scan fingerprinting and ink-based fingerprinting purposes both in-office or mobile for your convenience.


Whether you need fingerprint card printouts, electronic submissions, FBI background checks, or FBI apostille services, we got you covered.


Ink Fingerprinting

Live-Scan Fingerprinting

FBI Fingerprinting

FINRA Fingerprinting

FDLE Fingerprinting

FBI Background Checks

FBI Apostille

Fingerprint Cards

Out of State Fingerprinting

Mobile Fingerprinting

ABC licensing

Bar exam candidates

Child care/day care service


Fingerprints requested by other states

FINRA Cards (Financial Services)

Foster/adoption (US & international)

NC lottery licensing

Nursing license

Precious metals licensing

Visa application

Types of Fingerprint Cards

FD-258 (FBI) Cards



State Specific Cards

Reasons for Fingerprinting Services

Federal Purposes

Many federal agencies require ink fingerprints for employment applications or other federal requests.

Out of State Requirements

Different states require different card formats. We provide ink fingerprinting on any form you may need.

Foreign Countries

Most foreign countries requesting your fingerprints will ask you to be fingerprinted on a card or form. 

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